Easter 2011

My first Easter in El Paso since 2009.
-Neftali Diaz



driving two
I know this is a photojournalism blog but the lighting was interesting.
jan 14th.


art building

Austin, TX
I took this in August of last year after my art history class. I always enjoyed running up the zig zag stairwell. I ran them because I was always late to class.


“A portrait photographer depends upon another person to complete his picture. The subject imagined, which in a sense is me, must be discovered in someone else willing to take part in a fiction he cannot possibly know about.”-R. Avedon

I am very much inspired by Richard Avedon, and this post shows my first attempt at my “Avedon” experience. They say that photographing your family dosen’t help you explore yourself and that its to easy. I say that’s BULLSHIT! Families help me explore myself as a photojournalist by pushing boundaries of access that strangers don’t allow. With this photo-shoot, I hope to show that families can be the true prep work that help push photojournalist access with strangers.

-Neftali (x-mas 2010-El Paso,Tx)

East 6th Street



Austin, TX

I was walking to my destination on New Year’s Eve when I spotted this band performing in a trailer food space on east 6th.



a new adventure

passed out
Girls who partied a little too hard and slept in the living room while the party was still going on Saturday.

Neftali approached me about starting a photojournalism blog and I thought it was a good idea for an assortment of reasons and I’m excited to see how this blog evolves. Every blog has an initial objective and ours is to have one unifying theme and fit it within the contexts of our lives and cities. So yay for new adventures!