About Jackie

self portrait
Hi, I’m Jackie and I’m currently a photojournalism student at The University of Texas at Austin. This is not one of those “I’ve done photography my whole life and I knew it’s what I wanted to do” stories. 4 years ago, I needed a major, and I just randomly chose photography. I mean, I really had no experience with cameras/photography and it’s not anything that entered my mind until I saw that it was above ‘psychology’ on the list of majors. I thought it would be something to keep me occupied until I figured out what I actually wanted to do. I don’t think I ever figured out my true college calling because once I transferred to UT, I stuck with photojournalism.

I’ve wrapped up my photo classes so I hope that this will be a good way to continue shooting, improve my story-telling skills, as well as just becoming technically better. I don’t really consider myself a photojournalist and I find a lot of joy in other parts of photography but I still think that photojournalism is the best foundation because it has taught me to be resourceful, quick, and always observant.

If you want to know me outside of this blog, I have a personal blog: http://www.liveswithcat.blogspot.com.


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